The Designer

How does six years of classical training in Chinese dance translate vis-à-vis a master designer of luxury cashmere? The classic arts of China, such as the ethereal landscape paintings, sculpture, poetry, music and dance all have a basis in 5000 years of divinely inspired culture, requiring devoted training and a commitment to the teachings of the masters of the past.

Qing Hua is a person of such passion. Graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2003 specializing in knitwear design. Qing then spent several years learning all aspects of the cashmere apparel crafting process, working in a cashmere garment factory, in China. Blend her six years of rigorous training in classical Chinese dance in Guangdong and Beijing and you have a rare person who can create a modern fusion of a highly methodological manufacturing process with the insight and vision of an artist.

The hard work and dedication of Qing have culminated in this exciting introduction of her first collection of cashmere apparel. The Zynni Cashmere 2013 Fall Collection features an extensive line of over 30 feminine, sophisticated, modern yet amazingly comfortable garments, all crafted from the finest cashmere available in the world today. We are particularly proud of our “no-dye” cashmere lounge serie which uses only the natural colors of the cashmere; blending the world’s ultimate luxury material with ecological practices and unparalleled design. Each piece is a garment of beauty, grace and excellence. Warm, delicate, light, generous, yet strong and substantial, each piece drapes with tantalizing movement that only cashmere allows. The scent of the superbly soft cashmere brings to mind the subtle mystery of sandalwood and jasmine on a misty mountain.

We invite you to explore our new collection and mix and match the many pieces to create your own wardrobe of incredible possibilities.

Qing currently resides in the Northern Virginia with her husband and two 5 years old twin boys, Anthony and Matthew.

Qing Hua Inspirations

Aspiration: My purpose in designing with luxury cashmere is not solely to create beautiful garments, but to enhance the natural elegance of the body, whatever silhouette it may be.

Style: A body needs freedom of movement, of expansion, of comfort and of harmony. It is often true that less is more in cashmere design.

Multi-Wear: To me, versatility is the ultimate degree of modernity. I have designed many of my garments to be worn upside down and inside out. This freedom of expression gives the wearer more than just multiple options; it allows her choices to become part of the design