High Quality Women Cashmere At Affordable Price Here

Zynni Cashmere uses only the high quality cashmere obtained from Inner Mongolia. Only 1% of all wool gathered in the world is allowed to be classified as cashmere. This is why the world’s finest cashmere is called “soft gold.” The incredible procedure, from gathering the cashmere to the final luxurious yarn, ready to be woven into beautiful garments, takes 63 individual processes.

The word cashmere derives from an old spelling of Kashmir. References to cashmere shawls appear in Mughaltexts between the 3rd century BC and the 11th century AD. It is a craft steeped in history.

Cashmere wool fiber for clothing and other textile articles is obtained from the neck region of the Cashmere goats, the finest found in Inner Mongolia. This exclusive cashmere is collected during the spring molting season when the goats naturally shed their winter coats. As only 15,000 tons of cashmere is gathered, globally, on a yearly basis, this makes the precious material in short supply and in constant demand.

The superior cashmere yarn used to create the Zynni Cashmere Collection is 15.5 microns in thickness. This means that an incredibly small needle is used to weave the finely textured fabric, giving the cashmere an extraordinarily luxurious drape and amazing expression of movement, while still providing incredible strength.

The natural colors of cashmere are surprisingly broad; white, cream, brown and grey. With many subtle variations of all natural tones combining with the beautifully dyed cashmere, the options are endless. Zynni Cashmere has embraced the “no-dye” cashmere policy, for our exceptional loungewear garments and other fashion categories. To achieve the exact muted, rich tones that we feel best highlights the cashmere; we mix cashmere of different natural shades to obtain the precise colors to our specifications.

As fine cashmere is a natural product, we recommend simple washing instructions:

Hand wash in lukewarm water using gentle baby shampoo. Wash colored garments separately. Do not use bleach on cashmere. Squeeze your cashmere garment gently, do not twist or ring. Dry flat after removing excess water, away from direct heat and sunlight. Store flat, wrapped in tissue, in the closet. Following these simple care instructions will provide many years of enjoyment, as all luxurious garments created by Zynni Cashmere are designed to provide a lifetime of beauty, comfort and versatility to discerning women, worldwide.


Despite many brands recommending clients to have their cashmere garments dry cleaned, most items can be hand-washed using a mild shampoo. Refrain from stretching or rubbing the items and simply squeeze suds through the fabric with gentle moves. Rinse thoroughly in clean water and repeat until water runs clear and all traces of shampoo have been removed. Water temperature should be kept constant in between rinses. Avoid wringing. Roll your garment up in a dry towel to eliminate excess water, reshape and dry flat on a clean surface.

Cashmere is susceptible to pilling (tiny fuzzy balls of wool which occur on the surface of every garment due to fabric abrasion or rubbing during normal wear). The advantage of high quality cashmere is that it pills considerably less, and never after the first times the garment has been worn. You may gently remove pills by hand or using a sweater shaver.

Always fold your cashmere garments and store them in breathable cotton bags. With cashmere being a delicate fabric, you may notice snags or distorted shoulder shapes if you decide to hang your garments.Always clean cashmere items before extended storage because soiled natural fibers attract moths. A great idea to reduce wrinkles and creasing is to fold your items over tissue paper.