A Short and Sweet Guide to Buying Cashmere Garments

You don’t have to be a versed fashionista to know cashmere is the king (or queen, if you please) of fabrics. It ticks all the boxes for warmth, style, elegance and softness and, even if pricier than other yarns, it’s the finest you can have in your wardrobe.

womens cashmere sweaters

If you are a cashmere newbie and need to know more before investing in that chic piece that has been on your mind for some time, read our short and sweet guide to buying luxurious women designer cashmere. It will all make sense.

1. Why should you spend on cashmere?

The difference between a compulsive and a savvy shopper is that the latter thinks in the long run. You might buy a sweater without blinking just because it’s cheap and looks good, but soon enough that low price will most likely reflect poor quality. Your item will lose shape, pill much more than you’d like, and will itch your skin like mosquito bites. Eventually it will end up in the pile at the back of your wardrobe.

On the other hand, high quality women cashmere (only the properly taken care for one), will never let you down. It will stay warm, snug and elegant for a lifetime of winters to come. Winner.

2. 1-ply, 2-ply, what’s the deal?

Plies mean layers, so the more, the thicker the item. If you can opt for 2-ply yarn instead of a single strand, go for it. Why? Your cashmere will pill less, will be stronger over time and will keep you warmer.

100 percent cashmere

3. Don’t choose less than one hundred percent

As with everything, tag reading is a must when purchasing a deluxe cashmere sweater, cardigan, or anything in between. Those little guys spelling out the fiber content will tell you if you are looking at a blend or pure cashmere. If you want a thin, warm, and price-worthy superstar always go for a100 percent cashmere garment.

4. Stick with luxury designer cashmere

You might be a deal chaser, but when it comes to cashmere go only for designer labels that don’t compromise on quality. Buy your cashmere from specialized cashmere brands that use high quality yarn for all their garments. One such example is designer label Zynni Cashmere which uses only the purest Inner Mongolia cashmere and never blends it with other fabrics.

5.Give your cashmere the TLC it deserves

Once your precious cashmere items are resting in your closet, you are responsible for the length (and quality) of their life. Yes, you can make or break your womens cashmere sweaters yourself, so remember to always clean and store them with care and much love. However, to be on the safe side, let the dry cleaner deal with garments that are not meant for hand washing. Most knits, however, can be washed at home in cold water with mild cashmere detergent. Do not rub or wring the fabric. Simply press the excess water out with a towel and dry flat. To avoid moth damage, always clean your items before storing them away for summer.

Enjoy your luxurious cashmere garments! Your skin will thank you, too.