Useful Care Tips for Long-lasting Cashmere Garments

Precious cashmere gives a lot (just think how warm, soft, lightweight and luxurious it is), but wants something in return: lots of TLC. Here at Zynni Cashmere we design wardrobe superstars meant to look impeccable over time, but their condition in the long run really depends on you and how you maintain your cashmere garments.

Since you’ve invested in a cashmere piece (great choice, by the way) you want it to look as good as new for years. Unless the label specifically says “dry clean”, there is no need to take a cashmere garment to the dry cleaners. Yes, cashmere can be cleaned at home, too!

To make sure your beautiful cashmere pieces never lose their shape or texture after washing, remember the following mantra: lukewarm to cold water and extra-gentle handling. No exceptions.

Use a mild cashmere detergent (ideally) and gently squeeze the suds through the delicate fabric keeping in mind the 3 BIG don’ts: wring, rub or stretch. Simply rinse your garment in the same water temperature you used for soaking until any trace of detergent has been removed. A crucial step in the process is smoothing back your item into its original shape placing it flat on a towel to dry naturally away from any heat source (hanging cashmere garments will forever compromise their shape)

You can even cool iron your cashmere to remove any creases (we know this sounds really bold, but it’s perfectly fine). If your cashmere garment can be machine washed, select the delicate cycle and no more than 30 degrees for the water. Place the items in a laundry bag first and do not tumble dry

Storing cashmere is easy if you remember to place your clothes in breathable cotton bags that can be washed. Plastic bags are a big no-no, as well as hangers. Moths are the eternal enemy of natural fabrics like cashmere, so make sure your items are always clean when stored (these nasty insects are attracted to sweat, body oils, and any type of stain). Remember what your grandma’s wardrobe used to smell like? We already know: lavender. Add one of these sachets to every storage bag, or place cedar wood blocks in your closet. They will prevent moths from getting anywhere near your beloved cashmere

However, should you discover one or more holes in your cashmere garments (ouch!) you can darn them (just like grandma would do) by sewing horizontal stitches across the hole using a large needle and matching yarn. Perpendicular over horizontal stitches should do the trick and stop the hole from getting bigger.

If your cashmere garment has a fur trim, hood or panel (Zynni Cashmere has some gorgeous capes and tops embellished with luxurious fox and mink fur) we advise you to take it to the dry cleaners. Fur is also a delicate fabric which needs a special treatment lest it should dry out. And, if you want to preserve its softness over time, here’s a secret: when you wear your cashmere & fur garment avoid using perfume or hairspray as they usually contain alcohol or oils which often deteriorate the state of the fur.

Now simply enjoy wearing your sumptuous cashmere pieces… for a very long time!