Zynni Cashmere 2016 Fall/Winter Collection

Zynni Cashmere 2016 Collection

“My purpose in designing with luxury cashmere is not solely to create beautiful garments, but to enhance the natural elegance of the body, whatever silhouette it may be. A body needs freedom of movement, of expansion, of comfort and of harmony. It is often true that less is more in cashmere design.”

Zynni cashmere is a luxury 100% fine cashmere label created by Qing Hua, a London College of Fashion graduate, specializing in knitwear design. A unique blend of bold yet elegant, simple design, highly selective of cashmere wool and well crafted tailoring place this label at the top of luxury cashmere brand: creative design embodies natural elegance and understated glamour, highest quality 100% Inner Mongolia cashmere, widely accepted as the best in the world, Impeccable craftsmanship, from a top world class cashmere factory, which is fully integrated with Zynni Cashmere with dedicated tailor make unit that takes bulk as well as individual orders.